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Would you pay $5K to tighten your face?

Dara has a flourishing career as a model. Her livelihood depends on maintaining her fresh-faced beauty.



Dr. Sheryl Clark Certified by American Board of Dermatology

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Dr. Sheryl Clark New York Magazine Top Doctor 2022

Video image of How Much Does Clear Skin Cost?

How Much Does Clear Skin Cost? Two Women Share How Much They Paid for Acne Treatments

Two women share their journeys to achieve clear skin by using Accutane, Retin-A, and other products. Find out why they chose the treatment they did, how much they each paid, how long treatment took, and if they thought it was worth it.


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Dr. Clark Chosen by NY Top Docs as one of the Top Dermatologists in New York City.

hyaluronics products

The Best Hyaluronic Acid Serums, Recommended by Dermatologists

Retinol, vitamin C, AHAs, BHAs, hydroquinone, benzoyl peroxide… the list of powerful but potentially irritating skin-care ingredients is long. Hyaluronic acid, on the other hand, is one of the few that works for everyone, regardless of skin type or sensitivity level.


Professional Strength Skincare Products

8 Professional-Strength Products That Will Hold You Over Until Your Next Derm Visit

“My favorite professional-strength product is Alastin Nectar. It clears out old, glycosylated collagen—which is [caused by] eating sugars of any type and creates deep wrinkles and furrows—by increasing gelatinase activity, [which] increases collagen and elastin production…”


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April 2018 Elle Magazine

Dr. Clark consulted for Holly Millea’s article in the April 2018 issue of Elle Magazine. What would you do if you ripped out your lashes with an eyelash curler? Does Latisse really work?


Patient Choice Award

Dr. Clark's patients have selected her for the Patients' Choice Award

Once again, Dr. Clark’s patients have selected her for the Patients’ Choice Award. Patients’ Choice recognition reflects the difference a particular physician has made in the lives of his/her patients. The honor is bestowed to physicians who have received near perfect scores, as voted by patients. More than 200,000 patient reviews and ratings are gathered each month, and the top doctors out of hundreds of thousands around the country are given this coveted award annually.

Specifically, Dr. Clark’s patients took the time to compliment her in areas such as: bedside manner, the amount of time spent with them, the courtesy of Dr. Clark’s staff, appropriate follow-up, and their overall opinion of her as a physician.

RS_Vitamin C Products

8 Dermatologists Reveal Their Favorite Vitamin C Serum Under $100

Recently, several companies have developed products with [another form of vitamin C called] THD ascorbate, which is not pH-dependent and therefore can be layered under other skin serums, lotions, or creams without loss of efficacy…


Elle Magazine Article July

What Lies Beneath

Her mission: to test waterproof makeup… while swimming with sharks. From psyched-out to sweet surrender, Holly Millea gets stranger in paradise.


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Starting Early, and Young

DR. AMI SHAH NAGARAJAN, 38, a specialist in integrative medicine who lives in Manhattan, estimates that she spends $150 a month on Mustela and California Baby products for her 3-year-old twins. “I spend more on my kids than I do for myself,” she said. “It’s worth it to me to get something pure for them.”

While Dr. Nagarajan said she was mindful of using beauty products with minimal chemicals even before she had children, other mothers have become more conscientious after giving birth. Zoe Schaeffer, 35, who lives in Los Angeles and has a mothering blog, Macaroon Original, said she spends $150 to $200 a month on a variety of natural lines for her three children, 3 months to 4 years old.


Dr. Clark Interviewed on NY1 About CoolSculpting

In August, Dr. Clark was interviewed by Cheryl Wills of NY1, who wanted to know all about the benefits of cryolipolysis as delivered by the CoolSculpting procedure, over liposuction or any other fat reducing procedures. This interview generated so much interest that it was replayed in November and March.

NY1 Aritcle >>

Full Interview >>

7 Annoying Beauty Issues That Only Happen When You Work Out—And How To Fix Them

Working out is a struggle: Waking up at the crack of dawn to pump iron before the day starts, the growing I’m-gonna-lose-my-lunch feeling threatening to cut your sweat session short, the postworkout muscle soreness intense enough to make stairs your newfound archenemy. The last thing you need is a skin-related issue to add to the workout bummer list: Chafing, breakouts, and sweat bumps are just a few.

Prevention Magazine >>

Consumer's World: Spas Can Rub Wrong, Dermatologists Warn - New York Times

…Dr. Ronald Sherman and Dr. Sheryl Clark, dermatologists, offered these suggestions for those considering spa treatments:

* If you have a heart ailment, avoid any treatment that causes sweating and dilation of blood vessels. These include steam baths, saunas and some wrap treatments


2023 Castle Connolly Top Doctor!

Dr. Sheryl Clark recognized as a 2023 Castle Connolly Top Doctor!

Propylparabens for Skin The Complete Guide Image

Propylparabens for Skin: The Complete Guide

There are arguably few ingredients more villainized in the beauty industry than parabens.


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Dr. Sheryl Clark Americas Most Honored Doctors - Top 1% 2022

Before After image of Procedure Jeuveau

I Put Botulinum Toxin in Half my Forehead and Jeuveau in the Other … and Here’s My Review

According to Dr. Sheryl Clark, a board-certified dermatologist in New York City, that similar chemical composition makes Jeuveau the most similar to Botulinum Toxin in terms of outcomes. “Recent data have shown that the complexing proteins that surround the active molecular core in Jeuveau and Botulinum Toxinare necessary for the best results,” she said in an interview with RealSelf, “and other forms of [botulinum toxin], such as Xeomin and Dysport, either lack these complexing proteins or have lesser amounts of it.”


vtiamin c products

5 Things To Know Before You Buy a Vitamin C Product, According to Derms

Vitamin C is a skin-care triple threat, a favorite among dermatologists. So, exactly what does vitamin C do for your face?


brightening serum products

Derm Tips for Finding the Most Effective Brightening Serum Under $50—and 6 We Love

With all the stress drinking, mask wearing, and facial avoiding, your skin is likely looking a little duller than in seasons past, which makes now the time to add a brightening serum into the mix. “Serums are concentrated, targeted treatments that are great for any skin type,” says Dr. Sheryl D. Clark, a board-certified dermatologist in New York City.


realself clark hydration products

Hydration and Moisturization Are Not the Same Thing—Here’s What to Know When Talking About Humectants, Emollients, and Occlusives

The words hydration and moisturization are often used interchangeably in the skin-care world, and even seasoned beauty editors are guilty of often conflating the two and using them synonymously. But—not-so-breaking news—hydration and moisturization are two different things…


Stock image of Model after RS Sebacia acne treatment

Sebacia: The Acne Cure You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

Sebum is a major component in that acne-formation process, since it helps plug up the follicles and clog the pores. So it stands to reason that “if you could do something to get rid of the sebum component of the acne, then the acne’s going to get better,” says Dr. Clark.


Tinted Moisturizers

These Tinted Moisturizers Will Perfect Your Skin Without Masking It

For the days you can’t be bothered to apply a full-coverage foundation, but still need a little something to even out your complexion, a tinted moisturizer will be your skin’s best friend.

“These products offer lightweight coverage for someone who’s looking for something that won’t completely mask the skin,” says celebrity makeup artist Adriana Aude. A tinted moisturizer can step in when you want to enhance your complexion but still see your freckles, smooth out pores but not erase them, and even out your tone without completely changing it.

We asked skin pros for their favorite picks..


Dr. Sheryl Clark has been selected as a Top Dermatologist in New York City

Dr. Sheryl Clark has been selected as a Top Dermatologist in New York City by the International Association of Dermatologists (IAD). She will be spotlighted in the publication, The Leading Physicians of the World. The association was designed to spotlight physicians that have demonstrated success and leadership in their profession, as well as to provide an opportunity to network, collaborate, and share information with other medical professionals from around the globe.

For more information about the International Association of Dermatologists, please visit http://iaderm.com/.

I'm Too Young ...For Gray Hair

If your mom or dad started to go gray early, you could too. Ask your doctor about it, though. She can rule out potential links to thyroid problems or nutritional deficiencies, says Sheryl Clark, M.D., a clinical assistant professor of dermatology at Weill Cornell Medical College in New York City.


Personal Health - New York Times

…During heating season, daily use of a moisturizer product is more important than daily bathing, according to Dr. Sheryl Clark, a dermatologist affiliated with the New York Hospital-Cornell Medical Center. Take brief showers and baths, use mild soap (for example, Dove or Neutrogena) and use tepid water, since hot water is more drying. Most people need not soap their entire body every time they bathe. Add bath oil after you have been in the tub at least five minutes. Pat — don’t rub — your skin dry and, while your body is still slightly damp, apply a cream moisturizer that contains water and oil.

Wear rubber gloves when doing household chores that involve water. Outdoors wear clothing, including a face mask, to protect your skin from drying winds. Apply a moisturizer to exposed skin, including your lips, before going out. If your skin is sensitive, Dr. Clark suggests avoiding products that are scented or that contain lanolin. Don’t lick dry lips; that dries them even more. Keep hand lotion at home and at work and use it as often as possible….


Dr. Sheryl Clark Exceptional Women In Medicine 2022

Dr. Sheryl Clark Exceptional Women In Medicine 2022

What Lies Beneath Image

What Lies Beneath

Her mission: to test waterproof makeup while swimming with sharks, From psyched out to sweet surrender, Holly Millea gets stranger in paradise.


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9 At-Home Face Masks Derms Use on Themselves

Sunscreen, serum, and moisturizer may be the staples of your skin-care routine, but when your daily regimen just isn’t quite cutting it, no product offers as much of a fast fix as a face mask.


Jeuveau: What You Need to Know

Jeuveau is the newest wrinkle-smoothing injectable toxin to gain FDA approval to temporarily improve the look of moderate to severe frown lines between the eyebrows (the glabellar lines, or “elevens”).


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Dr. Clark Chosen by Expertise.com as one of the Best Dermatologists in New York City

Dr. Clark was chosen by Expertise.com as one of the best dermatologists in New York City due to her reputation and expertise in dermatology. Expertise.com researches all market providers for availability, qualifications, reputation, experience and professionalism of its candidates, and sends mystery shoppers before making its final selections.


Exceptional Woman in Medicine Certificate

Dr Clark named Exceptional Woman in Medicine

In addition to being named a Top Doctor by her peers, Dr. Clark received the Exceptional Women in Medicine Award 2020 from Castle Connelly.

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Everything You Need to Know About Aklief, the New, Less Irritating, Prescription-Strength Retinoid Derms Are Buzzing About

In order to understand what sets Aklief apart, however, you need to go a few steps further down this skin-science rabbit hole. There are three types of RARs in the skin—alpha, beta, and gamma—explains New York City board-certified dermatologist Dr. Sheryl Clark.


Anti-Aging Products

6 Medical-Grade Hydrators With Powerful Anti-Aging Benefits

When it comes to skin care, you have your hydrating ingredients in one corner and your anti-agers in the other. Both are great on their own, but put them together, and you end up with a truly perfect pairing—the peanut butter and jelly of skin care.


Exfoliator Products

10 Dermatologists Recommend Their Favorite Exfoliator Under $75

“I am not fond of physical abrasives—they clog pores with bits of dead skin, which can lead to whiteheads and irritation and create a mild barrier defect. Glycolic acid and retinoids are the most effective nonmechanical exfoliants. I really like this one because it is not sticky, unlike every other glycolic acid I have tried—glycolic acid is derived from sugar cane, so getting around the sticky texture can be difficult—and it [also contains] vitamins A, C, and E, green tea, and CoQ10.” —New York City board-certified dermatologist Dr. Sheryl Clark


Compassionate Doctor Award

The Compassionate Doctor Recognition has again been granted to Dr. Clark.

Compassionate Doctor certification is granted to physicians who treat their patients with the utmost kindness. The honor is granted by patients based on a physician’s overall and bedside manner scores.

Top Doctor Award

Dr. Clark is named a Castle Connolly Top Doctor for 2021

The first step to becoming a Castle Connolly Top Doctor is through a nomination process. Every year, Castle Connolly surveys tens of thousands of practicing physicians across the US. After a doctor is nominated by his or her peers, their physician-led research team screens each doctor to confirm whether he or she meets Castle Connolly standards. Castle Connolly evaluates professional qualifications, education, hospital and faculty appointments, research leadership, professional reputation and disciplinary history, as well as outcomes data. Peers are asked to consider not only the training and clinical skills of the physicians they nominate, but also interpersonal skills such as listening and communicating effectively, demonstrating empathy, and instilling trust and confidence. Dr. Clark has been named a Top Doctor every year since 1999.

Stock Image of Bride Groom Getting Ready

Hair beComes the Groom

In the midst of all the preparations for the big event, what are the groom’s concerns? When he pictures his wedding, whether he is striding atop an elephant or sitting under the mandap with his bride and her family, his wish is likely to be as handsome and virile as his bride is beautiful and glowing. Men may not always care about wrinkles or furrows, but what they hate more than anything is a receding hairline and scalp show at the crown.


Cool Device Gives Love Handles The Cold Shoulder

There’s new hope for people who are physically fit but have a stubborn bulge around the middle. NY1’s Cheryl Wills filed the following report.

Fifty-something-year-old Noemi Castro-Feinstein is like millions of Americans: She’s healthy and physically fit but no matter what she does she can still pinch more than an inch.

“With the baby, even though you exercise you have a tiny little reminder that it was stretched out to capacity,” says Castro-Feinstein.

Dr. Sheryl Clark, a dermatologist on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, uses a device called coolsculpting to get rid of stubborn fat around the middle and the lovehandles. She explains that the applicator is really more like a vacuum with two plates inside.

“And when this is applied the vacuum will take her skin up and it’s rather a dramatic effect,” says Clark.

Once applied, the cold air rushes in within seconds and the plates clamp down on the bulge, causing fat cells to slowly disintegrate.

“The cold is constantly monitored because you don’t want to freeze the skin. That could cause frostbite,” notes Clark.

Dr. Clark says there are no risks associated with the procedure. Patients experience just a little tenderness in the treated area because they have to sit still while the applicator sucks the skin for an entire hour. But Dr. Clark says the procedure reduces bulges over time by at least 25 percent and the results are permanent.

About the Dermatologist: Sheryl D. Clark, M.D., F.A.A.D.

With more than 25 years of experience, Dr. Clark is a highly skilled specialist for various dermatological concerns. Whether you want to treat a cosmetic or medical concern, she fully devotes herself to each treatment.

If you require a treatment that is outside of the ones we offer, she still works with you to find the best option for you. She can recommend you to surgeons or other experts who will be able to safely and effectively treat your condition. Her “patients over profits” approach means that her goal is for you to get the treatment you need in order to feel and look better.

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