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Living with rosacea can be a significant challenge, as it can affect how you look and perceive yourself. This common skin condition can cause patches of redness and blushing around the face. In some cases, it might barely be noticeable, but in others it can appear as aggressive patches with pimples and swelling across the face’s skin and over time, can cause the skin to thicken and the nose to enlarge. In some cases, it can even begin to affect the eyes causing problems there as well. Fortunately, Dr. Clark provides several options of rosacea treatment in NYC at her practice. By working closely with each patient, she can find a way to help you reduce your rosacea symptoms and achieve skin that is clearer and healthier than ever before.

How Can Rosacea Treatment Improve Your Skin?

The main goal of rosacea treatment is to reduce your symptoms and clear up your skin. If laser treatment is part of your plan, then you can gain some added benefits from it as well. Not only should you see a reduction in rosacea and redness, but your skin should be healthier than before your treatment. Your body naturally responds to laser treatment in a way that refreshes the skin and leaves it looking and feeling younger.

What Body Areas Can We Treat Rosacea On?

Dr. Clark specializes in treating rosacea around the face but can also treat skin conditions all over the body. From skin damage to redness and irritation, Dr. Clark can help patients with a broad range of skin conditions through non-surgical treatments in NYC.

In some cases, rosacea can affect the eye area. In every case, Dr. Clark will work to provide you with the treatment you need. A core part of her philosophy is about placing the patient first and finding them the care they need, whether it is at her practice or that of another specialist.

What Is the Treatment Like?

If your treatment plan consists only of medication, it will be as simple as following your prescription instructions along with proper skincare. If laser treatment is part of your plan, then you will need to come into the office for a series of treatment sessions. Using a medical laser system, Dr. Clark will treat the affected area with care and precision. It is not uncommon for Dr. Clark to discover that patients with rosecea and have inflamation of the gut and we can help you to find a patch back to improvement in your general health as well.

Though lasers can sound intimidating, the actual treatment is both straightforward and well tolerated by patients. Most patients report little more than a slight stinging sensation while the laser is in use. After a treatment session, there can be some redness, swelling, and sensitivity at the treated area. However, this usually fades overnight or within several days as your body heals from the treatment. While you do not need to face any lengthy downtime, many patients prefer to take one or more days off from work after their treatment while the redness and swelling subside.

Is Rosacea Treatment Right for Me?

Choosing the right rosacea treatment for you is a lot easier when you have an experienced dermatologist on your side. When you come in for your consultation with Dr. Clark, she can work with you to find the best form of rosacea treatment for you. While some forms of rosacea might benefit from specific medications, other patients might find that laser treatment is the only thing that will work for them. In some cases, you might even benefit from a combination of laser treatment and medication, and even diet and supplements to improve the health of your gastrointestinal tract or referral to gastrointestinal specialist.

In every case, Dr. Clark looks at your unique situation and builds a rosacea treatment plan that is optimal for your desired outcome. At every step, she will provide complete information so you can get the most out of your treatment plan.

When Can I See Results?

Getting the right form of rosacea treatment is essential to seeing results. In general, the treatments we offer begin to deliver significant improvements between 2-6 treatments. However, this varies depending on your unique situation and the types of treatment you are having. If you are having laser treatments, it may take more than one session for your rosacea symptoms to fully clear up.

Once your symptoms have been reduced, it is still vital to maintain a healthy skincare routine. Dr. Clark can provide you with additional information and instructions on how to keep your skin clear and healthy once both during and after treatment. Recurrence can be quite common if your skin is not properly cared for following successful treatment.

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