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Your skin is always at war with things both inside and outside your body. From aging to damage from external factors, our skin is constantly working against the odds. That is why we provide a range of non-surgical treatments to give your skin the boost it needs to stay fresh and young and stay ahead of the game. One of our most powerful rejuvenation skin treatments is a chemical peel.

This safe and effective skin treatment requires no surgery yet can take years off your skin. By using medical-grade exfoliation techniques, we can restore aged or damaged skin to a fresh and clear condition.

How Can a Chemical Peel Improve Your Skin?

A chemical peel works through a multi-step process. First, we apply a solution to the target treatment areas carefully and precisely. Some peels exfoliate skin, removing the upper layers of damaged or aged skin while keeping the deeper layers of your skin untouched. We then remove the peel mixture to keep the healthy skin underneath safe and ready to grow. Other peels stimulate the cells in the deeper layers of skin to produce more collagon and other proteins or redistribute uneven pigment.

As this skin produces new cells, proteins and replaces the upper layers, the result is younger and fresher skin that both looks and feels better. In other words, a chemical peel activates your body’s natural ability to heal itself and regenerate.

What Problems & Areas Can a Chemical Peel Treat?

Most patients use chemical peels to treat concerns in the facial area. However, the right dermatologist can also use it to treat skin concerns in almost any place on the body. Dr. CLark has been performing chemical peels on the face, neck, chest, back, arms and legs for seveal decades.

Patients find that chemical peels can help with:

  • Reducing wrinkles or fine lines around the face
  • Reducing wrinkles caused by aging or the sun
  • Improving the look of mild scars, including acne scarring
  • Reducing several types of acne
  • Lessening visibility of skin spots or uneven tone
  • Overall improving the look and feel of your skin
  • Giving your skin a beautiful, translucent glow from within.

What Is the Treatment Like?

Though the name can sound intimidating, a chemical peel tends to be a well-tolerated treatment overall. As the name implies, chemicals are involved, but they are designed to gently exfoliate dead or damaged skin. Through careful application by a trained expert, a chemical peel removes only the targeted upper layers of skin, and/or stimulate cells in the deeper layers to make proteins like collagen and elastin at a higher rate, for healthier skin.

Most patients tolerate the treatment rather well, and they reported only minor discomfort or a slight stinging sensation. However, even this is brief, as the treatment itself lasts only 30-90 minutes.

After your treatment session, you might be able to return to your daily routine right away. However, this depends on the area treated and the strength of your treatment. Since there may be redness and sensitivity after a treatment, some patients prefer to take some time off to let their bodies heal. Depending on your individual treatment, it can take about a week or so for your skin to heal and your results begin to truly show. Some peels, however have no stinging or discomfort and no downtime whatsoever.

Is a Chemical Peel Right for Me?

A chemical peel is a powerful rejuvenation option open to a wide range of patients. As a non-surgical treatment, it avoids many of the risks that come with more invasive procedures. The first step to see if a chemical peel is right for you is to schedule your consultation with Dr. Clark. During your individual meeting with Dr. Clark, you can go over what your goals are. With these in mind, Dr. Clark can develop a treatment program that is optimized to help you reach those goals. For some patients, a chemical peel might be the best option, but others might benefit more from laser skin resurfacing or other treatments. Dr. Clark looks at every factor of your concerns to put together the best plan to help you reach your goals. From start to finish, you will have a top-rated New York dermatologist by your side.

When Can I See Results?

You should start to see results after even a single chemical peel treatment. But the time it takes to see your final results can vary, depending on your treatment plan. Some patients might reach their goals after a single treatment and see final results once their bodies have healed. For other patients, it is normal to need several sessions spread apart to get the results they want.

During your consultation, we will provide you with an overview of how many treatments you may need to see the results you want. After each chemical peel, you should see noticeable improvements in your skin’s texture, tone, and feel.

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Take the first step to clearer and brighter skin today when you schedule your consultation for a chemical peel. Dr. Clark has years of experience and has developed advanced methods to improve upon traditional treatments for a range of dermatological concerns. Call us today to learn more about chemical peels and get started on your path to a refreshed look.

About the Dermatologist: Sheryl D. Clark, M.D., F.A.A.D.

With more than 25 years of experience, Dr. Clark is a highly skilled specialist for various dermatological concerns. Whether you want to treat a cosmetic or medical concern, she fully devotes herself to each treatment.

If you require a treatment that is outside of the ones we offer, she still works with you to find the best option for you. She can recommend you to surgeons or other experts who will be able to safely and effectively treat your condition. Her “patients over profits” approach means that her goal is for you to get the treatment you need in order to feel and look better.

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