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For patients who are looking to tighten their skin, consider Pellevé. This age-erasing technology does not rely on chemicals or topical ointments.

About Pellevé

For patients who are looking to tighten their skin, consider Pellevé. This age-erasing technology does not rely on chemicals or topical ointments. Pellevé uses advanced radiofrequency to penetrate the deep layers of the skin to stimulate collagen contraction as well as increased collagen production, resulting in tighter skin and improved skin tone. Unlike a laser, Pellevé uses a non-invasive form of energy that spreads evenly & distributes its effects. This is of particular importance and can explain why Pellevé is amongst the most popular skin treatments for wrinkle reduction.

Pellevé is completely non-surgical and does not require any physical injury of the skin surface. The procedure is extremely safe and painless — patients may feel a warming sensation that some describe as a “warm facial massage”. Side effects are rare and generally minor and fade quickly. These can include redness and some swelling – this usually dissipates shortly after the procedure.

There is no downtime to the procedure and patients may return to work or their daily activity immediately. Pellevé sessions generally take less than an hour. It is also perfectly safe to combine Pellevé with other cosmetic treatments such as Botulinum Toxin or facial volume injections.

Pellevé can be used to tighten the skin of the forehead, eyelids, smile lines, lip lines, lr neck. A full-face and neck series can result in lifted brows and jowls, smoother skin under and around the eyes and mouth, less obvious forehead lines, an overall tighter and smoother-looking face and neck.

The PelleFirm handpieces can be used to smooth and tighten skin of the upper arms, inner and outer thighs and under the buttocks, as well as the abdomen. Combining these treatments with CoolSculpting to reduce localized areas of excess fat is a home run for someone hoping for overall body contouring.

Pellevé is ideal for patients with realistic expectations who want real, natural-looking results.

Skin Tightening Before & After

Pelleve Before Left View Patient 1 Sheryl D. Clark, M.D.Pelleve After Left View Patient 1 Sheryl D. Clark, M.D.


Patient Reviews

Dr. Clark is unusually considerate of her patients. She will provide advice, but she does not put any pressure on the client to proceed with the procedure. She also tests the procedures on herself before recommending a “wrinkle treatment” to a client. She can therefore explain exactly what will happen, if there will be any discomfort, and how long it will take before there are results. And she continues to monitor the treatments in order to ensure that it is worthwhile. She spends time with each of her patients; I have always felt that I receive “specialized” care when I visit her office. She is an excellent doctor. Her staff is also well trained and helpful.


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About the Dermatologist: Sheryl D. Clark, M.D., F.A.A.D.

With more than 25 years of experience, Dr. Clark is a highly skilled specialist for various dermatological concerns. Whether you want to treat a cosmetic or medical concern, she fully devotes herself to each treatment.

If you require a treatment that is outside of the ones we offer, she still works with you to find the best option for you. She can recommend you to surgeons or other experts who will be able to safely and effectively treat your condition. Her “patients over profits” approach means that her goal is for you to get the treatment you need in order to feel and look better.

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