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Countless people across the United States find themselves affected by psoriasis throughout their lives. While this condition is chronic and has no complete cure, a professional dermatologist can help you find relief and reduce the symptoms of this disease. Dr. Clark is proud to offer cutting-edge psoriasis treatment options to her patients in New York City to make living with this condition less challenging.

Since there is no cure for psoriasis and it remains a chronic condition, it proves vital that modern medicine provides a way for patients to find relief. At MD Skin Science, Dr. Clark uses both traditional and advanced methods to treat psoriasis when it flares up around your body.

What Is Psoriasis?

Current research believes psoriasis occurs as a result of problems with the immune system, resulting in skin regrowth occurring too quickly. In its most common form of plaque psoriasis, it appears as patches of dry, raised, and red skin that can be covered with silvery scales. In many cases, these outbreaks are itchy and tender and can occur on various body parts, including the scalp, lower back, knees, and elbows.

In some cases, the dryness can progress until the skin begins bleeding. Additional symptoms can include nail problems and issues with your joints. While the disease is chronic, it goes through cycles of flareups. So treatments are focused on providing symptom relief during these periods.

How Can Psoriasis Treatment Improve Your Skin?

In addition to physical discomfort, psoriasis flareups show up as highly visible patches around your body. While the flareup will eventually pass, the patches of skin can significantly affect how patients feel about their appearance. At MD Skin Science, Dr. Clark offers a range of treatments to help stop the severity of flareups and remove the scaly buildup.

What Body Areas Can We Treat Psoriasis On?

Wherever your psoriasis flares up, we can help you treat it. Though it tends to occur in specific areas, some patients can experience symptoms in different parts of their bodies. We focus on building you a treatment plan with the highest efficacy for treating psoriasis wherever it appears on you.

What Is the Treatment Like?

We offer several options for treating psoriasis symptoms as they occur. Some treatments are aimed at treating milder cases, while others are designed for more severe outbreaks.

Topical Treatments

After examining your situation, Dr. Clark can match you with a topical treatment for mild to moderate cases. Based on your medical history and response to other treatments, she can both prescribe topical medication and provide information on topicals you can use for preventative measures. These treatments tend to be straightforward, but speaking with a dermatologist is crucial to find one that your body will respond well to with minimal risk of side effects.

Light & Laser Therapy

Laser treatments are incredibly popular for a wide range of skin conditions and concerns, so it is no surprise that it can provide effective psoriasis treatment as well. These treatments are well tolerated and provide impressive results for moderate to severe cases of psoriasis.


Recent years have also seen the development of multiple medications that can be taken orally or through injections to provide symptoms relief. 

Which Psoriasis Treatment Is Right for Me?

We work closely with each patient to find a treatment that their body will best respond to. Using her experience, Dr. Clark can make modifications to your treatment plan and your prescribed treatments to adapt them to your situation. In every case, our goal is to find the right plan for you so you can find relief from your symptoms and continue living life to its fullest.

In some cases, a balanced combination of several treatment types can provide the best relief from your symptoms. 

When Can I See Results?

The goal with our treatments is to provide as much relief as possible as quickly as possible. Laser treatments can provide quick improvements, but they also may require more than one session to have their full impact. Topicals also can provide fast relief, but it is important to use them the prescribed amount of time to get full results. Dr. Clark can provide you with a timeline based on your unique treatment plan that includes how soon you should see improvements.

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Take the first step to clearer and brighter skin today when you schedule your consultation for psoriasis treatment. Dr. Clark has years of experience and has developed advanced methods to treat a range of skin concerns and problems, including psoriasis, eczema, and dermatitis. She continues to push treatment methods into the future by building upon traditional methods for an approach that provides optimal relief from symptoms. Call us today to learn more about psoriasis treatment and get started on your path to controlling symptoms of outbreaks.

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