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Stretch marks can seem to almost appear overnight for some patients. Whether due to weight gain or pregnancy, these marks appear easily, but they are tougher to get rid of. In many cases, our body simply cannot restore itself on its own. That is why we offer stretch mark removal at MD Skin Science in NYC.

At MD Skin Science, we dedicate ourselves to helping our patients look and feel better. Our goal is to provide top-of-the-line cosmetic and non-surgical procedures to our patients to boost their looks and pride in themselves.

How Stretch Mark Removal Can Improve Your Skin’s Appearance

Our stretch mark removal treatments rely entirely on non-surgical methods. While surgery can tighten and remove excess skin, it puts enormous strain on your body and requires significant downtime. Our non-surgical stretch mark treatments are safer yet still deliver powerful results and improvements in your skin.

At MD Skin Science, we use lasers to help your body rid itself of stretch marks and replace them with fresh and lovely skin. The lasers we use work by activating your body’s natural regeneration systems. Using concentrated and precise rays of light, we can get your body to start new growth and smooth out stretch marks. Your body naturally reacts by repairing tissues and producing new collagen, resulting in skin with an improved look and feel. With each treatment, your body continues to regenerate until, in many cases, your stretch marks are no longer visible at all.

What Areas Can Stretch Mark Removal Treat?

Our stretch mark removal treatment can work on multiple parts of your body. But most patients seek treatment for stretch marks on either their thighs or abdomen. The skin in these areas is especially vulnerable to stretch marks from both weight gain and pregnancy.

What Is the Treatment Like?

Much like our other laser treatments, stretch mark removal is actually quite comfortable. Surgery requires hours of anesthesia, which can put a heavy strain on your body. With non-surgical options, you can have faster treatment that encourages your body instead of straining it. While some patients might require a local numbing cream, many patients find this treatment comfortable without any aid. However, tolerances do vary, so mention any concerns to Dr. Clark ahead of time and we will find a way to ensure your comfort throughout the treatment.

Treatment sessions tend to last about half an hour, depending on your unique situation. After your treatment, you can return to your daily life right away. However, you may expect some minor redness and swelling at first, but this quickly goes away within a few days.

Is Stretch Mark Removal Right for Me?

We can help you whether you have stretch marks from pregnancy, weight gain, or any other reason. As a non-surgical procedure, stretch mark removal is open to patients of a wide range of ages. While this treatment works best for new stretch marks, it can also significantly reduce the appearance of stretch marks that you have had for some time.

The optimal candidate will be near their ideal weight, as additional weight fluctuations can interfere with your results. If you plan to have children again, it is still a good idea to get stretch mark removal now though. The treatment works better on fresh stretch marks, and you can always get the treatment again after additional pregnancies.

To see if you are ready for stretch mark removal, you can schedule a consultation with Dr. Clark. During this meeting, she can examine your stretch marks and let you know what the best path of action will be. By working closely with you, she can put together a treatment plan that includes the best procedure options and what results you can expect.

When Can I See Results?

Laser stretch mark removal works as a gradual process. For this reason, most patients will need anywhere from 3-5 treatments to fully achieve their goals. However, you should still see significant improvements after each session.

At first, there will be some redness and swelling at the treated areas, but once this fades, you should see a visible reduction in your stretch marks. Once you have completed your treatment, those stretch marks should be gone for good. However, it is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle, as additional weight gain can result in new stretch marks appearing. Likewise, if you plan to have more children, additional pregnancies can create new stretch marks as well.

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Take the first step to getting rid of your stretch marks today when you schedule your consultation. Dr. Clark, dermatologist in New York City, has years of experience and has carefully created advanced methods to improve upon traditional treatments. Call us today to learn more about stretch mark removal and get started on your path to a rejuvenated look. We look forward to working with you.

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