6 Signs You Should Visit a Dermatologist

As the skin is the largest organ in the body, it’s no wonder that countless things happen to it that leave us wondering what to do next. Between pimples, bumps, scratches, rashes, and discolorations, how can you tell when you need to see a dermatologist or when you need to visit a doctor for a medical emergency? The signs are not always crystal clear, or the symptoms are so slow to grow that you’ve forgotten when they started in the first place. Watch out for these 6 signs you should visit a dermatologist.

6 Signs You Should Visit a Dermatologist

Dr. Clark, a top-rated dermatologist in Upper East Side Manhattan, can help ease some of this uncertainty. Below, she lists 6 signs you should visit a dermatologist right away. See how easy it is to make an appointment with us when you schedule a consultation with our local office.

Dry, Flaky Patches

If you have sudden patches of dry skin popping up all over, it’s a clear sign that something is up. Try visiting a dermatologist and asking about the possible symptoms of psoriasis. These patches typically appear on the lower back, chest, knees, elbows, and scalp, and can be itchy or even painful. Your doctor will be able to prescribe a topical ointment to reduce these spots around your body.

Wrinkles and Signs of Aging

Are dark spots starting to appear on your scalp and your arms? Do you have wrinkles in places that used to be smooth and blemish-free? While the signs of aging are natural and can’t be completely reversed, a dermatologist can help you find the best way to take care of your aging skin and prolong its health for as long as possible.

Frequent Skin Infections

If you get infections on your skin, especially under your fingernails or toenails, you might want to sign up for an appointment with your skin doctor right away. Constant infections could be a result of a buildup of bacteria, fungi, yeast, and other viral bugs that could be spreading dirt around without you even knowing it.


Probably one of the biggest signs that you need to visit a dermatologist right away, acne is an incredibly common skin condition that occurs when dirt and grime block the pores on your skin. This prevents your skin from naturally sweating out toxins, leaving them to build up and cause a pimple. Investing in the right kind of skincare product can directly reduce present acne while preventing future acne from building up.

Moles and Growths

Do you have sudden growths and moles that are causing you concern? If so, you should visit your dermatologist right away. There are a number of things that the growths could be a part of, so it’s best not to jump to conclusions until a professional has been able to take a look at it. In most cases, it can be removed during your appointment at the doctor’s office.


Inflammation is another common and ambiguous symptom that can occur on nearly every square inch of the skin. The surface area of your skin comes into contact with so many things, and some things could cause it to swell up. Redness, itchiness, inflammation, and swelling could be a sign that you are dealing with eczema or another chronic skin condition. Your doctor can prescribe something that will relieve the pain and discomfort right away.

Support Your Skin’s Health with Sheryl Clark

If you are dealing with pain, discomfort, or sudden changes in your skin and you aren’t sure what is causing it, you should get in touch with a trusted dermatologist right away. Sheryl Clark makes it easy to schedule top-rated skin exams in NYC, giving you an opportunity to get on the right track to skin health as quickly as possible. Call us today to schedule your next consultation!