Triggers for Rosacea Flareups

Rosacea is a skin condition that results in redness that looks similar to an acne breakout. While the condition is not a cause for medical concern, many people are embarrassed by the way it impacts their skin. The condition can feel like it appears out of nowhere, but there are a number of triggers. Below you will find the common triggers for rosacea flareups and the treatment options available for the skin condition.

Triggers for Rosacea Flareups

There are a number of rosacea triggers, some that may be obvious and others that are surprising.

Makeup Ingredients:

While you may want to try and cover up your rosacea with makeup, some of the ingredients may be triggering the skin condition. If you have rosacea it’s best to avoid makeup products with menthol, witch hazel, eucalyptus oil, and alcohol. These can irritate your skin and can cause a flareup. Opt for products that are water-based, fragrance-free, and non-allergenic. It’s best to spot test new makeup on your neck before you use it all over your face.

Spicy Foods:

This is one of the most common rosacea triggers as spicy foods can leave your face red and blotchy. Despite how delicious spicy food can be, it’s important to use caution if you have rosacea. Be aware that consuming spicy foods with curry, cayenne pepper, red pepper flakes, or even spicy salsa can impact your skin.


Stress can impact your mind and body in a number of ways, including triggering your rosacea. Managing stress is an important part of life and there are a number of ways to address it. Talk therapy, mindfulness, and yoga are all effective remedies to help you reduce your stress levels and risk for a rosacea flareup.

Sun Exposure:

Sun exposure is the most common trigger for rosacea. The best way to avoid a flareup caused by sun exposure is to wear sunscreen and avoid the sun between the hours of 10am and 3pm (if possible). Sometimes the ingredients in SPF can trigger your rosacea as well. Look for protection with a formula made with zinc oxide or titanium dioxide.


Enjoying a glass of wine or cocktail can help you enjoy a nice evening at home or out on the town. However, it can also trigger your rosacea. Specifically, red wine, beer, bourbon, gin, and vodka. Avoid or limit your alcohol intake to reduce your risk of a rosacea flareup.

Hot Beverages:

Research has shown that 36% of people with the skin condition report that hot beverages trigger their rosacea. Many people start their morning off with a nice warm cup of coffee. However, caffeine can cause your blood vessels to expand which can trigger your rosacea. Opt for iced or lukewarm drinks if you want to avoid a flareup.

Rosacea Treatment in NYC

Roughly 16 million people are impacted by rosacea. Even though the skin condition is not a cause for concern, people are uncomfortable with the way that it impacts their aesthetic. Rosacea treatment in NYC can reduce your symptoms and clear up your skin. There are a number of methods to address rosacea, including laser treatment, medication, or skincare products specifically curated to treat rosacea.

If you are interested in treatment for your rosacea it’s important to consult with a skilled dermatologist. Dr. Sheryl Clark is skilled in dermatology in NYC and has helpless patients effectively address their rosacea. The first step in treating your skin is scheduling a consultation. Dr. Clark will examine your skin and create a treatment plan for your unique needs. Contact Dr. Clark today to schedule an appointment!

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