Habits That Make Acne Worse

Treating acne is more than just skincare. There are a number of habits that can exacerbate your acne that you may not even realize. While acne is not a serious medical condition, it can have a serious impact on your confidence. This is especially true for those who are experiencing acne during adolescence. Due to the impact of acne, it’s important to get proper treatment and avoid harmful habits that make it worse. Below you will find the most common habits that worsen acne.

Habits That Make Acne Worse

The smallest habits can impact your acne. You may not even realize that they could be contributing to your skin issues. Avoid the following habits to ensure your skin stays clear.

Dirty Cell Phone:

Your face and hands are in contact with your cell phone and a variety of other germy surfaces. You also likely set your phone down on areas less than sanitary. Dirt, oil, sweat, and other harmful bacteria can get on your phone and then onto your skin if you do not regularly clean it. The harmful bacteria on your phone can make your acne even worse. Clean your cell phone (and other electronics that come into contact with your face) daily to avoid any issues.

Hair Products:

Sometimes hair products placed too close to your hairline can cause issues with your skin. Whether it’s gel, pomade, or hairspray, the product can be irritating to the skin on your face as it is more sensitive than other areas. Try and avoid getting products close to your hairline if possible. If you need product to control your baby hairs or flyaways, try products made for sensitive skin or that have ingredients that are natural and organic. This can help reduce any irritation on your facial skin when you use the products.

Too Much Skincare:

You may think that washing your face will get rid of the harmful bacteria that clogs your pores and causes acne. However, over-washing your face or doing too much when it comes to skincare can make your acne worse. Keep it simple with acne and avoid cleaning your skin more than twice a day. Too many products and over-washing your face can cause irritation and further inflame your skin. If you can’t control your acne, consider acne treatment in NYC to address the issue. A skilled dermatologist can help guide you on your skincare journey and recommend products that will address your unique issues.

Skincare Mistakes:

Just like too much skincare, making mistakes in your routine can cause more issues. Common mistakes include using a damp or dirty washcloth, over-exfoliating, using harsh chemical exfoliants, and using products like scrubbing pads or electric brushes on your skin. Acne can be easily irritated by these mistakes and result in more inflammation and redness. Use gentle products and be gentle with your skin as you cleanse and care for it. A dermatologist in NYC can help you find products and a routine that works for you.


Treating acne takes time and cannot be rushed. The skin on your face is highly sensitive so it’s important to use caution when you implement a new skincare product to address your acne. Many products can take weeks for you to see the results so it’s important to be patient. Many people quit using certain products after a short time if they don’t see results. Some products may even make your acne worse before it gets better so working with a skilled dermatologist and stick to the plan for the recommended amount of time.